2015年9月6日 星期日

Two Lists of Five 兩個5項目的目錄

I got back from Seattle last weekend.  My family of four was over there for two months.  Overall it was a good (if expensive) trip.  我上個周末從西雅圖回來了.  我們四個人在那裡兩個多月.  這次的旅遊經驗大部分很好, 只是有點貴.

The other day we were in a hot spring talking about things we saw and did in Seattle.  We talked about restaurants.  We talked about friends and family.  We talked about the highlights and low points of our summer vacation.  某天我們泡溫泉時說起在西雅圖時的事,  討論了那邊的餐廳, 那邊的親友,  和這一次暑假旅遊精彩的地方及不好玩的事.

The five highlights of our trip were...  我們這一次回美國精彩的點是...

1. Watching the Mariners play the Blue Jays.  It was a perfect summer evening, and we could see both the game and the sun setting on downtown Seattle.  To make it even better, the stadium was half full of half drunk Canadians.  There was a lot of (friendly) taunting on both sides.  看西雅圖水手隊對抗多倫多藍鳥隊的比賽.  那是個完美的夏夜.  我們在棒球場一邊看棒球賽, 一邊看西雅圖市區的夕陽.  更好玩的是有很多加拿大人在觀眾席上喝醉了.  聽他們跟西雅圖人各自為了球隊爭來爭去滿好玩的.

2. Camping in Vernonia, Oregon.  We had a miserable drive down there, but the campground we found near Portland turned out to be great.  We walked all of the trails in that area, enjoyed the Portland Zoo, and took and interesting detour on the trip back.  在俄勒岡州的Vernonia小鎮露營.  去到那裡之前的經驗很糟糕, 但是我們後來發現波特蘭市附近的露營區是一個非常好的地點.  我們把那裡的多條步道走了一遍, 也參觀了波特蘭的動物園, 開車回家的時候更發現了很多有趣的地點.

3. Having lunch at Emmet Watson's Oyster Bar and walking around downtown.  It was another nice summer day, the food was good, and we had a good time (re)exploring the Pike Place Market.  在埃米特·沃森生蠔吧吃午餐和逛西雅圖市區.  那一天的天氣也很棒, 食物很好吃.  我們也在派克市場找紀念品.

4. Revisiting bars and brewpubs.  Seattle is big on microbrews, so it has a wide selection of bars, breweries, and brewpubs.  There are 40 breweries inside the Seattle city limits, and over 100 in the State of Washington. 再次重溫西雅圖的酒廠跟酒吧.  西雅圖人很喜歡啤酒, 所以有很多的酒廠跟酒吧可以去.  在西雅圖市內就有40個酒廠.  華盛頓州內則有一百多個.

5. Going to my friend Mike's graduation party.  Mike has been working towards his B.A. for a long time, and I was glad hear that he'd finally graduated.  It was also a good party, and it was nice to meet his brother and sister.  參加我朋友Mike的畢業晚會.  他已經讀書很久了, 我很高興他終於從大學畢業.  那次是個很好的聚會.  我在那裏認識了他的哥哥和姊姊.

...but it wasn't all peaches and cream.  Our vacation had its low points.  These were...  當然我們在美國的旅遊不是十全十美.  它也有缺點.  這些是...

1. Watching the Mariners play the Diamondbacks.  It was a horribly boring game, and most of the crowd left early.  To make matters worse, the traffic along our route home was intense.  Not a good day for baseball.  看西雅圖水手隊和亞利桑那響尾蛇隊的比賽.  那個棒球賽超無聊的, 還有很多人提早離開.  最麻煩的是回家的路上都塞車.  那一天不是個看棒球賽的好日子.

2. Having our camping trip cut short by a forest fire.  As you've probably heard (it's been in the news a lot), Washington State suffered from many forest fires this summer.  One such fire sent gusts of smoke into the campground where we were staying, forcing us to return home a day early.  露營的時候碰到森林火災.  大家應該聽說這個消息吧!  華盛頓州發生了很多森林火災.  我們露營的營區因為其中一場火而煙霧迷漫, 所以我們只好提早一天回家.

3. Driving on the I-5 Freeway.  The traffic on the Seattle freeway isn't just bad on game days - it's bad every day.  After a while I just avoided I-5 entirely.  在高速公路開車.  西雅圖的高速公路好塞 - 不只是有棒球賽的時候.  到那裏沒多久後, 我都盡量避免開 I-5高速公路.

4. Getting sick from eating too much.  I made the mistake of eating seafood at Chinook's and eating pizza at The Ridge in the same day.  I felt very sick the following day, and it took me a long time to recover.  吃到肚子痛.  我在同一天去海鮮餐廳和比薩店吃大餐.  第二天我的肚子很不舒服, 過了很久才恢復正常.

5. Family weirdness.  What can I say?  I only see my Seattle family every two years, and sometimes the time we spend apart can be an obstacle.  It's not always the fact that we're getting older, it's also the difference between Taiwan and America.  跟家人吵架.  怎麼說呢?  我每兩年跟西雅圖的家人見一次面, 有時分開太久會變成一種相處的困難.  不只是因為我們的年紀越來越大, 也是因為台灣的生活方式跟美國的生活方式的差別.

And of course there was some other stuff that happened, but I wouldn't want to bore you with it here.  After all, isn't this blog about Taiwan?  當然我們在美國的時候還有其他的事情發生, 可是我不要講太多, 你們讀者會覺得無聊.  反正這個部落格該討論跟台灣有關的事不是嗎?

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