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Sad About the Lake 因為活水湖的事很失望

After I moved to Taitung the Flowing Lake became my favorite place.  For my first few months here, I just couldn't believe that there was a huge lake (15 minutes away!) where I could swim any time I wanted to.自從我搬到台東來之後, 活水湖成為我最喜歡的地方,剛開始的幾個月, 我真不敢相信離我家十五分鐘的地方就有一個這麼大的湖, 而且我可以任何時間想去就去游泳.

I have been swimming in the Flowing Lake since 2006.  I swim (swam?) there almost year round, though I take a break around Chinese New Year because of the cold.  Swimming there has become part of my exercise routine, and no matter how tired I am I always enjoy a swim across the Flowing Lake.從2006年到現在, 我一直是在活水湖游泳, 雖然會因為天氣太冷而在農曆春節前後的期間暫停, 但在活水湖游泳已經成為我運動習慣的一部分了, 無論身體多累, 我總是享受游跨活水湖的過程.

Until this year.  Due to the number of drownings in the lake, the Taitung County Government has placed a "security guard" there, who watches the lake from 6 AM to 6 PM every day.  This security guard's job is to stop people from swimming, and he is authorized to film anyone caught doing so.  Those caught on film, I am told, will receive a fine.*直到今年, 台東縣政府基於活水湖的溺水死亡意外發生的數目, 在那裏從早上6點至傍晚6點設置了救生員, 他們的職責是禁止人們在湖裡游泳, 他們可以對在湖裡游泳的人拍照舉發, 被拍照的人將會收到罰單.

Now I know that the local government is just trying to keep people safe, but I am wondering if this is the best way to go about doing that.  What about those of us who've been swimming in that lake for years without incident?  What about the triathlons and swimming competitions held there?  What about the students that go boating there every spring?  我知道當地的政府單位試著保障人們的安全, 但我懷疑不讓人們在湖裡游泳是最好的方法. 那我們這些一直以來都在活水湖游泳的人呢? 那舉辦鐵人賽和游泳比賽的團體呢? 那春天時在湖裡練習划船的學生呢?

Of course no one wants any more drownings in the Flowing Lake, but a lot of people will continue to use it, and I'm not sure that preventing people from swimming there is the best policy.當然沒有人希望任何的溺水事件在活水湖發生, 很多的人還是會繼續地到活水湖活動, 我不確定禁止人們在活水湖游泳是最好的解決方法.

For one thing, for each person that has drowned in that lake there are hundreds who haven't.  The Flowing Lake is full of people in the summer months, and most of them enjoy the water without incident.  Most of these people also know that those who swim must take responsibility for their own safety.  And with the government of Taiwan spending so much money on swimming lessons for elementary students, it seems an odd choice to close off the lake entirely.  Couldn't they just create a swimming area in the lake and post lifeguards there?  Wouldn't that be a more sensible solution?每個溺水意外發生都屬於個案, 而在活水湖游泳的人數是以百計數, 而且夏天滿是到那裏游泳的人, 他們很開心而且也沒發生任何的意外, 而且大部分去游泳的人都知道要為自己的安全負責. 台灣政府花了那麼多的錢在國小學生的游泳課上, 卻很奇怪的禁止人們在湖裡游泳, 難道他們不能規劃個游泳區域然後請救生員值班嗎? 這樣不是個更合理的解決辦法?

And there are also the triathlons and swimming competitions.  The triathlons held in the Flowing Lake are a major source of revenue, both for the local athletic associations and other local businesses.  If they close the lake to swimming, how is anyone supposed to train for the triathlons?  還有鐵人賽及游泳比賽, 鐵人賽都是在活水湖舉辦, 它也是台東當地的運動協會和商家的主要收入來源, 如果禁止人們在湖裡游泳, 那有心參賽的人該在哪裡練習游泳?

I suppose local triathletes are expected to go to swimming pools, but many of us HATE swimming pools.  Many of the competitors also have serious anxiety issues about swimming in deep water, and preventing them from training in the lake first is only going to make this problem worse.  When people panic, people drown, and having the lake open and accessible before the triathlon gives people a chance to acclimate themselves to swimming in deeper water.我想台東當地的鐵人參賽者都被認為該在泳池練習游泳, 可是很多人都討厭在泳池游泳.  很多參賽者對在深水游泳有恐懼感, 但禁止他們在湖裡練習將讓問題更嚴重, 當人一緊張就容易溺水, 如果比賽前能讓人們有在湖裡練習的機會, 那能讓他們在深水裡游得更自在.

I think what it comes down to is your attitude toward the local government.  Do you want the local government telling you what is safe and what is not?  Or would you like the opportunity to decide for yourself?  If you can't swim, of course you should stay away from the Flowing Lake.  But if you can, shouldn't you be allowed to swim there?  The Flowing Lake is, after all, the property of the people of Taitung, and those of us who enjoy swimming there should be allowed to use it.  I don't think the few accidents that have occurred change that fact.我想最主要的問題是你對當地政府的態度. 你要政府機關來告訴你什麼是安全和不安全? 還是你喜歡有機會自己為自己做決定? 如果你不會游泳, 當然你要離活水湖遠一點, 但是如果你會游泳, 你不是應該被允許在那裏游泳嗎? 活水湖畢竟是台東人民的財產, 我們這些喜歡在那裏游泳的人應該被允許使用它, 我不認為那些意外可以改變這個事實.

I haven't been swimming in the Flowing Lake for a few months now, but this development makes me very sad.  The Flowing Lake belongs to everybody, and I think we should be allowed to use it responsibly.  I agree that it is a public safety issue, but I don't think that closing off the lake is the best solution.我已經幾個月沒在活水湖游泳了,這個發展讓我很傷心, 活水湖是屬於每個人的, 我認為我們都應該能被允許負責任地使用它, 我同意它是個公共安全的問題, 但我不認為禁止人們在活水湖游泳就能解決問題.

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*The "security guard" went on to state that the lake MIGHT be open to swimming "two or three days" before the triathlons, but he didn't seem all that sure about this. 與我談話的救生員說活水湖可能會在鐵人賽的前二, 三天開放, 但他似乎也不能確定.

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  1. 全面禁止游泳 以這種方式處理事情實在令人失望
    曾經有人因為吃飯噎死 還好政府沒有全面禁止國人吃飯~~

  2. 上周剛好出差剛好也想在活水湖游泳
    不過活水湖的另一頭一樣有人在游 ...
    雖然這不是最好的辦法! >O<

  3. 距離活水湖5分鐘的路程,


  4. 我想版主應該是以一位三鐵或任何開放性水域參賽者的心情來寫這篇文章

  5. 公共場域因為危險而全面禁止是政策最不得已的手段

  6. 為何設置救生員,己有基本海岸安全安排,但又不准下水,何以台灣的海岸部門操作如此令人“見笑”

  7. 縣府的立場應該是在還沒有妥適整體規劃活水湖之前的暫時因應策略,縣府已經在為活水湖能充分被縣民使用而且是在安全環境下採用最適合的方法解決,活水湖委外管理標案尚在行政程序中,請再體諒!相信很快會有好結果。

  8. I think the biggest problem with the Flowing Lake is the "Why." Why did they build it? Why is it there? How are people supposed to use it? These questions have never been clearly answered!

  9. 在那裡駐守的人為“巡守員”非救生員喔!勸導時也經常被民眾指責,算是一份吃力不討好的工作吧…

  10. 其實活水湖如果像游泳池有收費制,相信很多人會很樂意繳這筆費用,畢竟戶外大自然開闊水域是游泳池無法相比的

  11. 收費才是麻煩與責任的開始,

  12. 可惜
    應加強游泳教育 新北碧潭也有溺水事件 但碧潭允許游泳

  13. 妳好!我是長濱的青年,很喜歡看撰寫台灣的文章,尤其是由它國筆下的台灣,這能讓我們看到不曾發現的缺以及珍惜、發揮我們的優,最重要的是現在正在學英語,妳的文章有中英文,對我的幫助時再是太大了。謝謝妳的分享。