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Train Stations, Old Streets, and Academies 舊火車站, 老街, 跟書院

This is a list of old train stations, old streets, and old academies in Taiwan.  The old streets and academies date back to the Ching Dynasty, and most of the train stations date back to the Japanese Imperial Administration. 以下是臺灣的舊火車站, 老街, 跟書院的整理.  老街跟書院是清朝時期建立的.  舊火車站是日據時代蓋的.

The "academies" referred to here are the schoolhouses used to teach the upper classes during the Ching Dynasty.  They look a lot like temples or even old houses.  Some, such as Kaohsiung's Feng Yi Academy, have displays and signage directed at foreign tourists.  Others require a deeper knowledge of local culture and/or Chinese.  這裡提到的書院是清朝時身分較高的人民使用的.  這些書院看起來像廟宇或是舊房子.  有的像高雄的鳳儀書院一樣適合外國的觀光客參觀.  有的則需要先認識地區的文化和(或)會中文比較適合.

There are a lot of "old streets" in Taiwan, and they vary in quality.  Some, like Taipei's Jiou Fen Old Street, cater directly to tourists, while others are all but invisible to those without a knowledge of the area.  Many of the old streets specialize in food, some in local history, some in nothing at all.  台灣有很多老街.  但不是每條老街都有趣.  有的像新北市的九份老街很重視觀光客, 但有的則因地區的歷史文化不被了解而被忽視.  很多老街因為美食出名.  有的老街則是因為它的歷史角色.  有的老街則沒什麼特色.

A word of warning: before you visit any of these places, make sure they are still there.  Some places are no longer maintained as tourist/historic attractions, some have changed names, and others are not to be found on Google maps. 去這些地方之前要先確定它是否還在.  有的地方不被保護, 有的名字已經改變, 有的則是你在Google地圖上找不到.

If you notice any omissions please let me know.  I looked at many sources when compiling this list, and I tried to be thorough.  除了以下提到的地方, 如果我有任何的遺漏請告訴我.  我寫的時候看了很多書跟網站.  所有的舊火車站, 老街, 跟書院應該都在裡面.

Guanshan Old Train Station 關山舊火車站

Taitung County 台東縣:

Old Train Stations 舊車站: 舊檳榔火車站 Old Bin Lang Train Station, 關山舊火車站 Guanshan Old Train Station

Remarks 建議: The Taitung Old Train Station, although not maintained as a historic site, is a popular tourist attraction.  很多觀光客喜歡去台東舊火車站.  這個車站不受中央政府的保護.

Pingtung County 屏東縣:

Old Train Stations 舊車站: 竹田車站 Ju Tian Train Station

Old Streets 老街: 豐田(內埔)老街 Feng Tian (Nei Pu) Old Street, 東港延平老街 Dong Gang Yan Ping Old Street

Academies 書院: 屏東書院 Pingtung Academy

Remarks 建議: Several other structures around the Ju Tian Train Station were also preserved, and are to be found within the Ju Tian Station Park.  除了竹田車站之外, 竹田驛園還有其他的建築物也受保護.

Kaohsiung City 高雄市:

Old Train Stations 舊車站: 高雄車站 Kaohsiung Train Station, 舊打狗驛 Old Da Gou Station, 旗山火車站 Chi Shan Train Station, 三塊厝火車站 San Kwai Tswo Train Station, 原橋仔頭驛車站 Yuan Chiao Dzai Tou Train Station

Old Streets 老街: 美濃老街 Mei Nong Old Street, 旗山老街 Chi Shan Old Street, 岡山中街 Gang Shan Central Street, 橋頭老街 Chiao Tou Old Street, 通山(旗津)老街 Tong Shan (Chi Jin) Old Street, 哈瑪星社區 Ha Ma Shing Community

Academies 書院: 鳳儀書院 Feng Yi Academy, 萃文書院 Tsuei Wen Academy

Remarks 建議: The old Kaohsiung Train Station was moved from the present site of the new Kaohsiung Train Station.  They are right next to each other.  高雄的舊火車站就在高雄新火車站的隔壁.

Shan Hua Old Street 善化老街

Tainan County 台南縣:

Old Train Stations 舊車站: 後壁車站 Ho Bi Train Station, 林鳳營車站 Lin Feng Ying Train Station, 保安車站 Bao An Train Station, 台南車站 Tainan Train Station

Old Streets 老街: 善化(中山路)老街 Shan Hua (Jung Shan Road) Old Street, 鹽水街 Yan Shuei Street, 麻豆老街 Ma Dou Old Street, 台南安平(開台第一)(延平)老街 Tainan Anping (Kai Tai #1) (Yan Ping) Old Street, 大目降老街 Da Mu Jiang Old Street, 神農(北勢)街 Shen Nong (Bei Shr) Street, 總爺街 Dzong Ye Street, 橋南老街 Chiao Nan Old Street, 新化老街 Shin Hua Old Street, 菁寮老街 Ching Liao Old Street, 東山老街 Dong Shan Old Street

Academies 書院: 中社書院 Jung She Academy, 篷壺書院 Peng Hu Academy

Remarks 建議: Shan Hua Old Street was important because it was close to the provincial government and also because water transport was convenient.  善化老街的發展是因為靠近台南府城, 水運交通也很便利.

Jia Yi County 嘉義縣:

Old Train Stations 舊車站: 阿里山車站 Alishan Train Station, 竹崎車站 Ju Chi Train Station, 嘉義車站 Jia Yi Train Station

Old Streets 老街: 奮起湖老街 Fen Chi Hu Old Street, 太平老街 Taiping Old Street, 大埔老街 Da Pu Old Street, 蒜頭老街 Suan Tou Old Street, 中正路老街 Jung Jung Road Old Street

Remarks 建議: Alishan Train Station is the largest wood train station in Taiwan. 阿里山是台灣最大的木造火車站.

Yunlin County 雲林縣:

Old Train Stations 舊車站: 石榴站車站 Shr Liou Station Train Station

Old Streets 老街: 西螺(延平)老街 Shi Luo (Yan Ping) Old Street, 太平老街 Tai Ping Old Street, 宮口街 (北港老街) Gong Kou Street (Beigang Old Street), 土庫老街 Tu Ku Old Street

Academies 書院: 振文書院 Jen Wen Academy

Remarks 建議: Jen Wen Academy dates back to 1813.  振文書院是西元1813建立的.

Shing Shian Academy 興賢書院

Changhua County 彰化縣:

Old Streets 老街: 鹿港老街 Lugang Old Street, 溪湖老街 Shi Hu Old Street, 鹿港瑤林街 Lugang Yao Lin Street

Academies 書院: 興賢書院 Shing Shian Academy, 道東書院 Dao Dong Academy, 文開書院 Wen Kai Academy

Remarks 建議: Shing Shian Academy dates back to 1807.  興賢書院是西元1807建立的.

Nantou County 南投縣:

Old Train Stations 舊車站: 集集車站 Jiji Train Station, 車埕車站 Che Cheng Station

Old Streets 老街: 草屯老街 Tsao Tuen Old Street, 南興打鐵街 Nan Shing Ironwork Street, 永平老街 Yong Ping Old Street

Academies 書院: 藍田書院 Lan Tian Academy, 登瀛書院 Deng Ing Academy, 明新書院 Ming Shin Academy

Remarks 建議: Jiji Train Station was damaged during the 9-21 Earthquake, and was remodeled after.  It is a major tourist attraction in Nantou County.  集集車站在921地震的時候損壞.  之後經過修建.  目前是南投縣的重要景點.

Taichung City 台中市:

Old Train Stations 舊車站: 台中火車站 Taichung Train Station, 泰安車站 Tai An Train Station, 追分車站 Juei Fen Train Station, 日南車站 Rh Nan Train Station, 台中市後火車站 (中南驛) Taichung City Rearward Train Station (Jung Nan Station) 清水車站 Ching Shuei Train Station

Old Streets 老街: 梧棲港老街 Wu Chi Gang Old Street, 石岡老街 Shr Gang Old Street, 大里老街 Da Li Old Street, 犁頭店老街 Li Tou Dian Old Street

Academies 書院:磺溪書院 Huang Shi Academy

Remarks 建議: The Huang Shi Academy dates back to 1799.  磺溪書院是西元1799建立的.

Sheng Shing Train Station 勝興火車站

Miao Li County 苗栗縣:

Old Train Stations 舊車站: 勝興火車站 Sheng Shing Train Station, 談文火車站 Tan Wen Train Station, 大山火車站 Da Shan Train Station, 新埔火車站 Shin Pu Train Station

Old Streets 老街: 苑裡老街 Yuan Li Old Street, 南庄老街 Nan Jwang Old Street

Academies 書院: 英才書院 Ying Tsai Academy

Remarks 建議: The Sheng Shing Train Station was built of wood without the use of nails.  勝興火車站是木造的, 不用任何鐵釘.

Hsinchu County 新竹縣:

Old Train Stations 舊車站: 新竹火車站 Hsinchu Train Station, 香山火車站 Shiang Shan Train Station, 竹東車站 Ju Dong Station合興車站 He Shing Station

Old Streets 老街: 湖口老街 Hu Kou Old Street, 北門老街 Bei Men Old Street, 北埔老街 Bei Pu Old Street, 內灣老街 Neiwan Old Street

Remarks 建議: The Hu Kou Old Street was an important trade link between the mountains and the coast, and it's location near a rail line added to its importance.  湖口老街是連接山區與平地間的貨運中心.  它靠近鐵路的地理位置讓它更顯重要.

Taoyuan County 桃園縣:

Old Streets 老街: 大溪老街 Da Shi Old Street, 富岡老街 Fu Gang Old Street, 楊梅老街 Yang Mei Old Street, 和平老街 He Ping Old Street, 三坑子百年老街 San Keng Dze Hundred Year Old Street, 中山(新南)老街 Jung Shan (Shin Nan) Old Street

Remarks 建議: The Da Shi Old Street was an important avenue for trade between Mainland China and the north.  It was also a portal for development of the surrounding mountains, and a port for shipping up the Dan Shuei River.  大溪老街是北台灣跟中國大陸的貨運中心.  山區的發展是從這邊開始.  也是淡水河河運的重要站.

San Shia Old Street 三峽老街

New Taipei City 新北市:

Old Train Stations 舊車站: 菁桐車站 Jing Tong Train Station, 山佳車站 Shan Jia Station

Old Streets 老街: 三峽老街 San Shia Old Street, 鶯歌老街 Ying Ge Old Street, 新莊老街 Shin Juang Old Street, 淡水老街 Dan Shuei Old Street, 金山老街 Jin Shan Old Street, 坪林老街 Ping Lin Old Street, 石碇老街 Shr Ding Old Street, 深坑老街 Shen Keng Old Street, 瑞芳老街 Ruei Fang Old Street, 九份老街 Jiou Fen Old Street, 汐止(水返腳)老街 Shi Jr (Shuei Fan Jiao) Old Street, 瀑布老街 , Waterfall Old Street, 平溪老街(石底老街) Ping Shi (Shr Di) Old Street, 十分老街 Shr Fen Old Street, 菁桐老街 Jing Tong Old Street, 中正老街 Jung Jeng Old Street, 侯硐老街 Hou Tong Old Street

Academies 書院: 明志書院 Ming Jr Academy

Remarks 建議: The Ming Jr Academy is the oldest academy in Taiwan, dating back to 1764.  明志書院是台灣最古老的書院.  它是西元1764建立的.

Taipei City 台北市:

Old Streets 老街: 迪化老街 Di Hua Old Street, 艋舺老街 Meng Jia Old Street, 剝皮寮老街 Lu Pi Liao Old Street

Academies 書院: 學海書院 Shu Hai Academy, 大觀書院 Da Guan Academy

Remarks 建議: The Di Hua Old Street was important because it was close to the Dan Shuei River trade.  It was also referred to as 年貨大街.  迪化老街的重要性是因為靠近淡水河運.  也叫年貨大街.

Jiloong (Keelung) City 基隆市:

Old Train Stations 舊車站: 七堵火車(前)站 Chi Du (Front) Train Station

Old Streets 老街: 崁仔頂老街 Keng Dzai Ding Old Street

Remarks 建議: The Keng Dzai Ding Old Street is no longer maintained as a tourist site.  崁仔頂老街現在已經不再受到政府的保護.

Tian Song Pi Train Station 天送埤站

Yilan County 宜蘭縣:

Old Train Stations 舊車站: 太平山林鐵舊天送埤站 Taiping Mountain Forest Railway Old Tian Song Pi Station

Old Streets 老街: 頭城老街 Tou Cheng Old Street, 利澤老街 Li Tan Old Street

Remarks 建議: Taiping Mountain is well worth visiting, and if you're in a car the old train station is very convenient.  太平山很值得去.  如果開車去的話, 去天送埤車站很方便.

Penghu County 澎湖:

Old Streets: 澎湖中央街 Penghu Central Street

Jinmen County 金門:

Old Streets 老街: 金門摸範街 Jinmen Mo Fan Street, 明故老街 Ming Gu Old Street

Ming Jr Academy 明志書院

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