2014年11月13日 星期四

Election Time 選舉時間

Huang Jian-ting 黃健庭 and Liu Zhao-hao 劉櫂豪

Elections are on the way, and candidates all over Taiwan are trying to make their presence felt.  We're still a ways away from Presidential elections, but all of the other offices are up for grabs.  There are billboards along every highway, and roads are often blocked by local political rallies.  選舉快到了, 所有的候選人都努力地讓民眾感受到他們的存在.  離總統大選還有很長一段時間, 而各個縣市政府各層級的候選人全都蓄勢待發.  公路上沿途可見候選人的廣告牌, 馬路也常因競選集會而不通.

In Taitung there are two guys up for the office of county magistrate.  One of these is the current magistrate, Huang Jiang-Ting (Justin Huang) 黃健庭, and the other is Liou Jhao-hao 劉櫂豪.  Huang Jian-Ting is featured on billboards that run the length of Taitung County, and he is hard at work campaigning as I write this.  His competitor, Liu Zhao-hao, is neither as popular or as conspicuous.  He has a small office in front of Taitung's Triangle Park, very few billboards, and the odds of him winning this election are extremely low.  競選台東縣長的候選人有二位.  其中一位是現任的縣長黃建庭, 另外一位是劉櫂豪.  臺東縣到處都有黃建庭的廣告牌.  他最近也很努力地參加競選.  他的對手劉櫂豪的人氣沒那麼好, 也沒有那麼多人認識他.  他在三角公園對面有個辦公室.  他的廣告牌不多, 他的被選上的可能性不大.

Below the office of county magistrate, several other offices are up for grabs.  These include the mayorship 鄉鎮市長 of Taitung City, Cheng Gong Municipality, Guanshan Municipality, Beinan Township, Lu Ye Township, Chr Shang Township, and Dong He Township.  The person running for the mayorship of Dong He Township is running unopposed.  除了縣長選舉, 還有其他的選舉.  這些包含台東市長, 成功鎮長, 關山鎮長, 卑南鄉長, 鹿野鄉長, 池上鄉長, 還有東河鄉長的選舉.  東河鄉的候選人只有一個人.

In addition, there are A LOT of people running for the office of "village chief" 村里長.  The offices up for grabs are not only in rural areas, and many of these "villages" are actually part of Taitung City.  There are 289 candidates for village chief, many running unopposed, with at most seven candidates running for any one office.  還有很多人要當村里長.  村里長這個職位不只在鄉下的地方有.  很多"鄉村"是在台東市裡面. 村里長有289候選人.  很多村里長只要出來選就自動當選, 因為只有一個候選人.  一個村里長的職位最多能有七個候選人.

Then there are the city and county council members 縣市議員.  Membership in the council is divided into 15 districts, a number which roughly corresponds to the number of townships and municipalities in the county.  The most popular city council position is the first district, with 17 candidates, followed by the seventh district, with 7 candidates.  All of the other positions have between one and four candidates.  再來有縣市議員的選舉.  議會中的議員分為15區, 這些區的區分跟台東鄉鎮市有關係.  最熱門的地區是第1區, 有17個候選人.  第二名是第7區, 有7個候選人.  其他地區則有1到4個候選人.

Lastly there are the city, township, and municipality-level representatives 鄉鎮市民代表.  Of these offices there are between one and five depending on the size of the city, township, or municipality.  There are no more than nine candidates for any one position, with the exception of the Orchid Island Township representative, which has 20 candidates.  最後有鄉鎮市民代表.  每個鄉鎮市有一到五個代表.  代表的人數取決於鄉鎮市的大小. 每個代表的候選人數最多是9個, 但是蘭嶼除外, 他們有20個候選人.

That, all in all, is an overview of the elections taking place.  Besides the offices, of course, there are also the party affiliations of the candidates.  Suffice to say that Huang Jian-Ting is a member of the KMT, is extremely popular, and many other candidates would see membership in the KMT as advantageous to their future political careers.  The KMT has always been strong in Taitung County, and President Ma Ying-jeou's 馬英九 unpopularity has done little to change that.  以上是這次台東縣的選舉的大概.  除了職位之外, 當然還有每一個候選人的黨籍.  我只想說很受歡迎的黃健庭是國民黨的.  還有很多候選人覺得選舉成功與否在於是否是國民黨員.  國民黨在台東很強, 馬英九總統受不受歡迎並不影響台東的國民黨.

I have also skipped over two very important things in this election.  These two things are the issues under discussion, and the responsibilities of each official.  What, after all, does a county magistrate really do?  And how does Huang Jian-ting's position on issue X differ from that of Liu Zhao-hao?  While a discussion of such things would be meaningful, it would take me ages to write and you ages to read through.  For the sake of simplicity, I'll try to tackle these two aspects of local elections at another time.  我也沒有討論到兩件重要的事情.  這兩件事情就是每個候選人的政見跟政治責任.  比方說縣長到底在做什麼?  黃建庭跟劉櫂豪的政見哪裡不一樣?  我覺得討論這種事情很有趣, 可是寫這種文章要很久, 你也要很久.  這次簡單一點, 我改天再討論這兩件事情.

As a foreign resident, I am not allowed to vote in local elections, but I find the process very interesting, and getting to know how the local government works has been an interesting and educational experience for me.  Were I able to vote, I'd be voting more on environmental issues, and less on economic concerns.  Taitung has undergone a lot of development recently, and I cannot say that all of it is good.  從美國來的我沒有投票權, 可是我覺得學習台灣的政府跟選舉方法很有趣.  如果我可以投票的話, 我投票時會比較關心環保議題而不是經濟.  最近台東發展快速, 可是這種發展不一定是公平的.

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