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Nightlife in Taitung City 台東的夜生活 (中)

Take what I say below with a healthy dose of skepticism.  I go "out" maybe once a month, and when I do I'm not looking for girls, drugs, or even a particularly awesome time.  If I was looking for those things, I suppose I'd find Taitung very frustrating.    我以下說的話不必太當真. 我差不多一個月一次酒吧, 我去那種地方不是為了找美女, 毒品, 或是期待特別棒的時刻發生.  如果我是那種尋找那種事的人, 我會覺得台東是個蠻無聊的地方.

Taitung City is developing, but it's still a very rural place.  There aren't many foreigners living here.  There aren't even that many Taiwanese people, so I guess the lack of foreigners isn't that surprising.  台東市正在發展, 但是這裡仍是一個很鄉下的地方.  這裡的台灣人不多, 而這裡的外國人也不多.   所以這裡的外國人數少是可以理解的.

Taitung City is also very small.  I live near the city limits, and I can ride my bike from my house to the city center in about ten minutes.  In a city this small, your options after 11 PM are limited.  台東市也很小.  我家靠近卑南, 可是我騎腳踏車到市區只要10分鐘.  在這麼小的城市裡, 超過晚上11點營業的地方不多.

Pete's Pizza
If you're looking for places where foreigners hang out, there are a few points of interest.  A lot of people like Uncle Pete's Pizza, though the "crowds" in this place - like anywhere else in Taitung - are pretty subdued on the weekdays.  你如果想找外國人常去的地點的話, 這裡有些地方給你參考:   很多人喜歡Uncle Pete's Pizza(披薩阿伯), 只是這家餐廳跟台東大多數的餐廳一樣.  周一到周四來的客人並不多.

Kasa, a bar located downtown, is another place frequented by local expats.  I tend to visit Kasa more than Uncle Pete's, only because it's a more convenient location for me.  A lot of the crowd from Pete's pizza usually moves over to Kasa during the later hours, so you're likely to see many of the same people in both places.  台東的外國住民也喜歡Kasa.  Kasa是在台東市區的酒吧.  我常常去Kasa, 因為它的地點對我來說比較方便. 通常比較晚的時候, 在Uncle Pete's的外國客人會過去Kasa.  這兩個地點有很多共同的客人.

Texas Jo's, a new bar next to the Tai Ping River, is just off Jung Hua Road.  They serve food as well, but I've never eaten there.  The owner of that place is very nice, and it's a more outdoor kind of bar, more like something you'd see in Kenting.  Some foreign friends of mine play cards there once in a while, but the clientele tends to be more Taiwanese.  Texas Jo's是在太平溪旁邊的酒吧.  它也靠近中華路.  他們也做德州式料理, 可是我還沒有在那裡吃過飯.  老闆很親切.  這家酒吧很像墾丁那裡的酒吧.  我有些外國朋友喜歡去那邊玩牌, 它大部分的客人是台灣人.

The Railway Art Village 鐵花村
There's also the Railway Art Village, which most local foreigners refer to as "Tie Hua."  This place is near the Starbucks/Eslite complex, and features live music.  It's a bit pricey, and I'd have to really like the band to pay the cover charge.  In the summer the mosquitoes are formidable.  還有鐵花村.  這裡的外國住民都叫他"Tie Hua."  它靠近星巴克咖啡跟誠品書局, 這裡也有現場的音樂表演.  我覺得有點貴.  我一定要好喜歡那個樂團才會買門票進場.  夏天時那附近的蚊子很可怕.

If you're gay or bi you'd probably like Red House, a bar not far from the Carrefour.  I know hetero guys who also like that place, but the downside to Red House is that they're always wondering if the "hot women" they meet in Red House are really men.  同性戀或是雙性戀的人應該喜歡Red House這個酒吧.  它靠近市區的家樂福.  我知道有些喜歡女人的男人也喜歡去那裡, 可是風險是他們在那裏遇到的美女到底是女的還是男的!

There are of course many other small bars and KTVs around town, but nowhere that's as consistently popular as the places mentioned above.  Some friends and I used to visit this super weird KTV near the Seashore Park,  but I haven't been to that place in over a year now.  I've seen a couple other places that look interesting - a bar with German beer and a sports bar - but I have yet to visit those places.  當然還有其他的酒吧跟卡拉OK, 可是其他的地方沒有那麼熱鬧. 之前我跟一些朋友喜歡去一家海濱公園附近的卡拉OK, 可是我已經一年多沒去了.  我也看過些市區的酒吧.  一間賣德國啤酒, 還有一間很像美國的那種運動酒吧, 只是我還沒進去過這二家.

The Dulan Cafe, inside the sugar factory.

If you have a car or a decent scooter, Dulan is a second option.  On weekends the bar inside the Dulan sugar factory can be lively.  WaGaLiGong, a bar up the highway from there, is a nice place to hang out.  I was there a couple weeks ago, and had a great time.  有摩托車或是汽車的人也可以去都蘭.  有時都蘭糖廠裡的酒吧在周末的時候很熱鬧.  靠近那裡的WaGaLiGong也是一個很好的酒吧.  我兩個禮拜前去過.  我那時候玩得很開心.

If you are new in town, don't be surprised if you find some or all of these places nearly empty.  Nightlife in Taitung City is sparse in the best of times, and you can be satisfied if you walk into a bar and see more than three customers present.  If a given bar is too depressing, you can always do what I do, and head to the nearest 7-11 or Family Mart.  In Taitung City, this often the most sensible option.  如果你是第一次來到台東, 很可能你到這些地方會發現客人不多, 那不用太驚訝. 因為台東的夜生活連假日時也不是很熱鬧. 在酒吧裡看不到超過三個客人是平常的事.  如果酒吧太無聊, 你可以跟我一樣去7-11或是全家.  有時候在台東這個是最好的選擇.

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  1. Hi, my name is Jonathan. If you see message today, May I know if you know any dance bars in taitung. Can you show me around, just here to travel for a few days.

  2. Hi, my name is Jonathan. If you see message today, May I know if you know any dance bars in taitung. Can you show me around, just here to travel for a few days.

    1. "Dance bars?" Like discos? Big places, with flashing lights and crowds? Taitung City is too small for that.

  3. You really know a lot about Taitung!

    1. I do what I can. If you hear about any new, good restaurants let me know!