2013年10月17日 星期四

Hualien County, Fu Li Township 花蓮縣富里鄉 (中)

Fu Li Township is in Hualien County, between Chr Shang in Taitung and Yu Li Municipality.  It is sparsely populated, and there are no cities in Fu Li, only towns.  The largest of these towns is Fu Li Town, which is the major transit point for the area.  富里鄉位於花蓮縣, 在台東池上鄉與花蓮玉里鎮中間.  富里的人口很少, 其中並沒有城市, 只有鄉村,  富里鄉最大的村莊是富里村. 它也是富里鄉最大的交通運輸點.

We have driven through Fu Li many times, while we were on the way to Jade Mountain National Park, An Tong Hot Springs, or places further north.  It is a very pretty area, relatively flat, and good for bicycling. 我們往玉山國家公園, 安通溫泉, 和其他較北邊的地方時都會經過富里, 所以我們開車經過富里好幾次.   這個地區很美也很平坦, 很適合騎腳踏車.

The church above is in Fu Li town, near the Fu Li train station.  It is probably the most interesting building in Fu Li.  There are many interesting old churches in this part of Taiwan, and Christianity is particularly strong within the aboriginal communities here.  上面照片中的教堂在富里村, 靠近富里車站, 應該是富里村最有意思的建築物.  台灣東部地區有很多特別的老教堂. 而且基督信仰在原住民社會中很強烈.

Aside from this church, there's really not much to see in Fu Li town.  The tourist information placards in the train station list several historic sites (an old fire engine, various temples, and a few old buildings), but none of it looked especially old or important.  除了這所教堂之外, 富里村的景點不多.  火車站有些地圖跟海報介紹富里的歷史遺跡(一輛消防車, 廟宇, 和其他的舊建築物), 只是所有文化古蹟的年代看起來並不久遠或重要.

This is the view from Fu Li High School, which lies on a hill behind the church.  As you can see, Fu Li is a very rural place, and very undeveloped.  It was Sunday morning, and it seemed like the whole town was either inside their homes or inside the church.  上面的照片是在富里國中拍的.  富里國中位在提到的教堂後面.  你應該看得出來, 富里是個很鄉下的地方, 沒什麼城市發展.  我們去到那裏的時間是星期天 , 感覺好像大部分的人不是在教堂, 就是在自己家裡.

Fu Li is probably best known for the rice it produces.  Like Chr Shang to the south, it has its own brand.  The facility where they package this rice can be seen from Highway 9, though I'm not certain whether or not there is anything for tourists to see within this facility.  I have already visited a similar facility in Guanshan, so I was less than interested in exploring another such place.  富里最有名的產品是富麗米.  他們跟池上一樣有自己的米.  從台9線可以看到他們的米廠, 可是我不知道觀光客可不可以參觀米廠.  我已經參觀過關山的米廠, 所以我對富里的米廠沒有興趣.

After entering Fu Li from the south, the first thing you will come across is the Luo Mountain Scenic area.  In my opinion this is one of the nicest places in east Taiwan, and I have already visited this place more times than I can count.  Taking a right off the highway, a wide road leads you to the Luo Mountain Visitor Center, where the above picture was taken.  I didn't visit the building in the background, but I know they sell lunchboxes and local products within.  從南邊進去富里之後, 你會先經過的地點是羅山遊憩區. 我去過好幾次.  我覺得羅山是東部最好的景點中一個.   從台9線右轉進去以後,順著寬大的馬路開,  你會經過羅山遊憩區遊客中心.  上面的照片就是在那邊拍的.  我沒有去過稻田後的建築物, 可是我知道他們裡面賣便當跟當地的名產.

The highlight of this area has got to be the waterfall and the river below it.  Signs tell you not to enter the water, but everybody does so anyway.  On a hot day this place is wonderful.  They also make tofu in this place, and just below the trail leading to the waterfall there is a restaurant that sells food.  羅山最棒的部分是瀑布跟瀑布下面的小溪. 那邊的牌子警告遊客不可以下水, 但是還是有很多人下去.  天氣熱的時候在這裡很舒服.  羅山這裡有泥火山豆腐.  在步道的起點也有個餐廳賣臭豆腐跟便當.

This is Luo Mountain, from a pond further south.  You can just make out the waterfall in the top right corner.  I have yet to see any tour groups from Mainland China here, and it is largely the haunt of Taiwanese people.  I have never seen any other "foreigners" here.  這是從羅山下的魚池看到的羅山. 羅山瀑布就在右邊山坡後面.  我在這裡沒看過大陸的旅行團, 也沒看過其他的外國人士.

Just up the road from Luo Mountain there is a sign directing you to Luen Tien Conservation Area, but this area was damaged during the last typhoon.  We asked a local policeman about it, and he said not to bother going there.  從羅山往北開, 有個指示牌標示崙天遊憩區, 只是當地的警察說那裏有點荒廢了, 因為之前的颱風把路吹壞了, 所以不用去了.

The most famous place in Fu Li has to be "Sixty Stone" Mountain, at the northern end of the township.  I wish I could put some pictures of it here, but we didn't go up there that day.  We were tired, and the sky was too cloudy.  I've been up there twice before, and I can tell you that the view - on a clear day - is stunning.  富里最有名的地點應該是北部的六十石山.  我很想把六十石山的照片放在這裡, 可是我們那一天沒去那裏.  我們很累, 而且當天也是陰天.  我去過六十石山兩次, 晴天時, 那裡的風景真是超棒的.

Just before you cross into Yu Li Municipality (before the rainbow bridge), there is a sign directing you towards the Yu Chang Highway, which connects Jade Mountain National Park with Chang Bin Township in Taitung.  Along this highway lies the An Tong Hot Spring Area, which I have written about elsewhere.  The picture above was taken there last year.  快到玉里鎮(那個彩虹橋前面), 你會看到玉長公路的路牌.  玉長公路是從台東縣的長濱鄉貫穿到玉山國家公園的南安遊客中心.  玉長公路的介紹是在另外一篇介紹安通溫泉 的文章. 上面的照片是去年在那裏拍的.

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