2013年9月12日 星期四

Our Seattle Summer 在西雅圖的暑假 2 (中)

Pike Place Market

We spent A LOT of money in Montana.  Most of this money went toward gas and restaurants.  We usually cooked our own dinner in whatever campground we were visiting, but it was difficult not to eat lunch out every day.  I must add that I also spent a large sum on beer. 
我們在蒙大拿州花了很多錢, 大部分是油錢和去餐廳吃飯。 我們通常在露營區煮晚餐, 但是在外面煮午餐不方便 , 而且我也花了很多錢買啤酒。

Seattle Waterfront

Before we knew it the end of August was approaching, and it was hard not to count the days until we got back on the plane.  I found myself wishing for more time, especially because I could see that leaving would be hard on my mom.  She only sees us every two years or so, and no sooner are we reacquainted than we are in the airport - yet again - saying goodbye. 
八月快要結束時, 我越來越覺得回去的那一天快到了。 我開始希望在西雅圖的時間可以變長一點, 因為我知道我們離開以後我媽媽會很難過。她每兩年跟我們見一次面, 我們在一起的時間很短 , 一下子我們又在飛機場再一次說再見。

Chuck E. Cheese, Alderwood

During our last week in Seattle I attended my first Mariners game in Safeco Field.  I went to see Black Sabbath at the Gorge the day after.  To my surprise, I enjoyed the Mariners game more than the concert.  This might have been because I got falling down drunk at the Mariners game.  This might have been because I also saw Sabbath back in 1999, just before I first moved to Taiwan. 
八月的最後一個禮拜我第一次去Safeco Field看西雅圖水手隊的棒球賽 ,  我也去了Gorge AmpitheaterBlack Sabbath樂團表演 。 讓我驚訝的昰我喜歡棒球賽勝過於樂團表演 ,  可能是因為看棒球賽時我喝得很開心 ,  也可能是因為我在1999年看過Black Sabbath的表演了 

I-90, Eastern Washington

All in all it was a great vacation - maybe the best ever.  Of course it wasn't cheap to stay in Seattle for so long - even though we stayed with my parents - but I think the expense was worth it.  By the time August 27 finally rolled around, we had actually spent less money than we'd originally anticipated. 
這個暑假可能是我們有史以來最棒的假期了 ,當然去美國那麼久旅費不便宜 (就算是住在我父母家)  ,但是還是很值得的 。 直到827, 我們在美國的旅費不如我們想像的多。

Lolo National Forest, collecting firewood

My only real complaint about our vacation is the traffic in Seattle.  We often encountered gridlock where I-5 meets I-90, and the combination of 520 closures, Highway 99 closures, and various sports events made for stressful drives.  There were a lot of drivers in Seattle with predictably short tempers, and one had to be careful when crossing the street. 
我暑假最討厭的事情就是西雅圖的交通 。 我們常常在I-5I-90交會處碰到塞車, 或是520或是99公路停用, 還是其他的運動比賽讓西雅圖的路況很糟糕 。 那裡的駕駛很容易生氣在那邊過馬路要很小心。

Gallatin National Forest

It's funny, looking over them now, how little the pictures here convey.  When I remember our trip, it is all the things that aren't in these pictures that I miss.  I miss the smell of the trees in Montana.  I miss the smell of beer in the breweries.  I miss the sound of people talking, and the taste of the food.  Mostly I miss the warmth of times spent with my family, and the excitement of driving off into the unknown.
我現在看這些照片覺得很奇怪 ,我最想念的東西都不在裡面, 我想念的是蒙大拿州的樹香, 啤酒廠的味道, 人們講話的聲音, 還有食物的味道。  我最想念的是跟家人在一起溫暖的感覺, 和開車前往陌生地方的興奮心情 

Yellowstone National Park

I wish that I could take you there.  Not only to Seattle, but to the moments spent in that place.  I wish I could explain how the sky looks from Orondo Beach, but these things have to be experienced, and words fail to express them.  Hopefully you can get out there yourself some day, if you haven't been already. 
我很想帶你們一起去 , 不只是西雅圖 , 而是我們旅程中去過的所有地方 ,我希望可以跟你們介紹Orondo Beach的天空, 可是這是文字或圖片都形容不來的感覺 希望你們有一天可以去那裏親身經歷。

Cape Disappointment State Park

I wonder when I'll get out to Seattle again.  Two years?  Three?  However long it is, I hope it's sooner rather than later.  I still want to get out to Grand Teton National Park, and I'd like to spend more time around Grand Coulee.  I will also be missing my Seattle family and friends, and I look forward to a day when we can talk again. 
我不知道什麼時候可以再回去 ,  兩年還是三年﹖ 我希望不用太久 ,  我還想去Grand Teton國家公園, 也想再去Grand Coulee  , 我當然也很想念美國的親戚朋友,  我期待下次的再見。

Mariners Vs. Angels

Time goes by so fast.  I can't believe it's already September, and that I am typing this in Taiwan.  It's good to be back in Taitung, but I can't help but feel a little bit sad, looking at these pictures of places that I won't see for at least two more years, if not longer.  The world might seem small at times, but it's still a long, expensive way from here to there.  I don't think having good times in Taiwan will be a problem, but we all miss our hometowns now and then. 
時間過得很快 ,  不敢相信已經九月! 回到台東是很快樂的事情,  只是覺得在台灣的感覺很奇怪 , 看到上面的那些照片, 想到最快還要兩年才有機會回去, 我就開始有思鄉情懷 。 世界有時候看起來很小, 可是到西雅圖還是又貴又遠  。我在台灣的生活是美好的, 只是有時想念我的家鄉.

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