2013年9月10日 星期二

Our Seattle Summer 在西雅圖的暑假 1 (中)

Greenwood Car Show, Seattle

My wife, my two daughters, and I went back to Seattle this summer.  We were there for a little over two months, from the end of June to the end of August.  As I write this I have just returned to Taiwan, after a very stressful return trip through a typhoon. 

今年暑假我和我太太及女兒回去西雅圖。 我們六月底離開台灣, 八月底回來, 總共在那裡兩個多月。  我寫這篇文章的同時, 我們才剛回台灣不久, 雖然有颱風的阻撓, 還是安全地抵達台東。

Carkeek Park, Seattle

Going from Taitung to Seattle is generally not fun.  It involves taking either a train or a plane to Taipei, and from Taipei taking a flight to Seattle.  This sounds easy, but in practice it can grow quite complicated.  During my recent trip back, for example, I rode in two cars, two planes, two taxis, and one train.  There are also those in-between moments in which my daughters argue, in which I'm forced to wade through long lines, or in which I'm the surprise victim of random security checks. 

從台東到美國西雅圖的路程很遠 。 不是搭火車就是飛機到台北, 之後再搭機飛往西雅圖   聽起來很簡單, 實際上卻不是如此。例如這一次我們從美國回來, 我們坐了二次汽車, 二班飛機, 二次計程車和最後的火車。 除了交通工具之外, 還要歷經我兩個孩子吵架的時間, 很長的排隊的時間, 和被隨機攔下進行安全檢查的時間。

Green Lake, Seattle

But of course it's all worth it when I finally get there.  During this trip the weather was excellent, and I had the chance to visit many new places.  I can only think back to a couple days when I was truly bored, and this was because I was anxious to go camping. 

雖然去美國的過程很累, 可是到達目的地的時候就覺得很值得 。 那一陣子西雅圖的天氣很棒, 而且我們有機會去很多沒去過的地方。  期間只有兩三天覺得很無聊, 因為那兩三天我等著去露營。

Gordito's Mexican Restaurant, Seattle

We spent the first week hanging out in Seatttle, and visiting places that we missed when we were in Taiwan.  On the first day I walked around the local Fred Meyer in a daze, wondering how most Americans can make a decision when confronted with so many kinds of everything.  During the same day we visited my favorite Mexican restaurant, and also spent time catching up with my parents. 

在西雅圖的第一個禮拜我們都在西雅圖市區, 去我們在台灣最想念的地點。  第一天我走到我父母家附近的Fred Meyer, 那家店裡的每樣商品的選擇性多到讓人很難決定要買什麼 ,真懷疑大部分的人如何抉擇﹖同一天我們到我最喜歡的墨西哥餐廳吃飯, 並跟我父母聊天。

Discovery Park, Seattle

At the end of June we went to a lot of Seattle parks, especially Green Lake and Discovery.  The weather was terrific, but unfortunately it was still too cold for swimming.  We also visited the waterfront a couple times, wandering through the Pike Place Market and taking in the view from the piers. 

六月的最後那個禮拜我們去好多西雅圖的公園, 最常去的是Green LakeDiscovery。 雖然西雅圖的天氣很棒, 但還是沒辦法游泳, 因為那邊的水太冷了。  我們也去了二次西雅圖的海濱跟Pike Place市場看風景。

Museum of Flight, Seattle

In June I also visited the Greenwood Car Show, which was very crowded.  I visit this car show every time I go back to Seattle, mostly because my dad is obsessed with cars.  It is a very masculine event, and my wife and daughters had the good sense to remain home, watching television. 
六月時我也去熱鬧的Greenwood Car Show 。我每次回去都會參加這個活動, 因為我爸爸超愛汽車。 這個活動沒有很多女人參加, 我太太跟我女兒也不想去。 她們三個留在家裡看電視。

Money Creek campground, Washington

Then July arrived.  In July my brother came up from Oakland, and my sister came up from Los Angeles with her husband.  While my brother and sister were up in Seattle we didn't go out much, but we had a good time talking, remembering, and catching up. 

七月的時候我弟弟從Oakland回來, 我妹妹和妹夫也從加州開車到西雅圖 。 他們在西雅圖時我們很少一起外出, 大部分時間做的事昰聊天。

Money Creek campground, Washington

In July we also went camping three times.  During the first trip we drove up Highway 2 to Skykomish, and from there on to Leavenworth and the Lake Chelan area.  We had a great time, even though my daughters were suffering from TV withdrawal.  Shortly thereafter my friend from Taiwan stayed with us for about a week, and we took him and his wife camping in the same area.  After they went back to Taiwan, I ran the Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon. 

我們在七月時去露營三次 。 第一次我們開車從第二公路到Skykomish, 之後到LeavenworthLake Chelan這個地區。  我們玩得很開心, 可惜我的孩子想回去看電視。 後來我台灣的朋友也到西雅圖跟我們住一個星期 ,我們也帶他們到這附近露營。   他們回台灣之後, 我參加了Tacoma Narrows半馬拉松。

Columbia River, Eastern Washington

The beginning of August was probably the highlight of our trip.  During this week we drove to Yellowstone, and camped between Washington, Idaho, and Montana.  This was my first visit to Yellowstone, and I was understandably impressed by the scenery.  I still think that Glacier National Park is a better choice for those first visiting Montana, but Yellowstone is certainly worth the drive. 

八月的第一個禮拜應該是我們暑假最棒的部分。  因為我們開車到黃石國家公園去, 一路上在華盛頓州, 愛達荷州, 跟蒙大拿州露營。這是我第一次去黃石國家公園, 所以我對那裡的風景印象很深刻。 我覺得Glacier國家公園是第一次到蒙大拿州的人的較好選擇, 只是黃石國家公園的景色值得你一路上開車的辛勞。

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